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Rowdy crowds after Islanders/Rangers game include profane chants and two fights

Arena plaza, 39 Fifth AVenue
December 2, 2015 - 11:44pm

As fans exited the arena after the Rangers/Islanders game, many stayed on the plaza to chant for the Islanders, including a group (recorded on video on Vimeo    https://vimeo.com/147749969) led by a man beating a drum.  At :50 in the video they begin chanting "F- the Rangers" and giving the finger.  This went on for some time and was more or less brought to an end by a fight involving several men.  A group of police officers tamed the atmosphere moments afterward.
Many fans filled a popular bar on 5th Avenue, drumming and chanting from the rooftop open space before the game and spilling out onto the sidewalk after the game.  At one point, several men began throwing punches and yelling at each other, tumbling out into the traffic lane. A 911 call brought some patrol cars and peace.  

Crowds at several other bars formed on the sidewalk before and after the game, many of which chanted team cheers intermittantly. 
See video at https://vimeo.com/147749969

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