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Illegal Parking on Dean Street during arena event

Dean Street between Flatbush and 6th Avenues
December 20, 2015 - 2:06pm
went directly to precinct

The turning lane and the area surrounding the MPT on the north side of Dean Street between 6th and Flatbush were retasked by the arena for parking during the event on Sunday.  
Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvgkUj8tuX4
The turning lane included a bus, an emergency response vehicle and multiple limos.  It is hard to know if this is the bus the NBA apparently requires, but may not allow to be dependent on the loading dock elevator.  The below grade portion of the arena was reduced in 2009 and has never had enough capacity to support arena operations.  Likewise, to save money the developer delayed building the below grade parking adjacent to the arena which was supposed to be opened around the time the arena opened.  As a result, arena operations that was meant to be below grade continues to spill out into the neighborhood and its public spaces.  
A truck was wedged in near the MPT, and a limo was parked alongside it at the arena entrance.  The limo blocked the pedestrian passage around the B2 construction site and the bicycle lane.  A photo is attached which shows the limo with more detail, a pedestrian in the passage, as well as an employee from Flyte Time International (http://www.flytetymelimo.com) busy conversing with the limo driver.
I spoke to the limo driver and the Flyte Time employee who is readily identifiable in the attached photo.  They explained they always use the area for parking unless they are "shooed-away" by the police.  I said that implied they understood what they were doing is illegal and that they were making work for the police who may have other things to do.  They repeated that there are no police shooing them away.  They showed no sign of concern and they did not move.  
I went to the 78th Precinct.  We pulled up the video view of the illegal parking at the front desk.  They told me they were going to call the arena detail and send them over.  
The limos could be for arena patrons/VIPs, players, coaches, or even the owner I suppose.  I

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