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Dump truck delays fire response

Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt
January 7, 2016 - 1:41pm

A dump truck backed into the entrance on Dean Street for the 535 Carlton Avenue construction site delayed fire response from the Dean Street firestation.  The dump truck was backed into the entrance on Dean and blocking the street.  The fire truck could not get by.
The scene drew my attention because I noticed the fire engine's siren was stationary.  That is generally the sign they are being delayed in some way.  I don't know how long the fire truck waited at the Carlton/Dean intersection before giving up and turning north on Carlton Avenue, but I would guess it was a minute or so at least.
I've witnessed delays of fire trucks on Dean Street numerous times since the introduction of the construction fence on Dean.  To my knowledge the use of the entrances on Dean Street into block 1129 (and at the Dean/Carlton Avenue intersection) have never been defined by any protocols that have been made public.  The risk of fire delay is significant with the use of these entrances.  With the exception of traveling against traffic on Dean Street to 6th Avenue and then turning south on 6th, every exit from the Dean fire station is impacted by construction.
I would suggest that the fire department be added to the automatic forwards of AYW incident reports so that the higher ups in the fire department are aware of the problem on the ground.  I tried calling 311 but the Fire Department is closed for all but emergency responses at this time.  I will follow up Tuesday.
1).  Given the distance I was from the dump truck/fire truck, my phone's video quality was not high enough to capture the fire truck behind the dump truck.  Instead I took a still photo which is very clear.  The photo shows the delayed fire truck, which at the time was waiting at the Dean/Carlton intersection.  The photo is attached.
2).  The very start of the following video shows the same scene, but the dump truck is just pulling out and coming down the street.  The fire truck gives up and goes north on Carlton Avenue.  The name of the dump truck company Cuenca Coronel Trucking Company Inc and the specific dump truck are visible in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXKf0bwyQzk
3).  Another fire truck leaves the fire station on Dean a few moments or later and comes straight down Dean because the way is clear.  This suggests to me that the most efficient route to the call was always east on Dean Street:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwxr9oLT5-U

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