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Islanders game 4/24 honking, crowds

5th Ave between ST. Mark's and Dean, Flatbush and Dean
April 24, 2016 - 11:00pm
various complaints

Cars parked at most hydrants, many idling.  Some parked and/or idling in crosswalks such as at 192 Flatbush, at Dean, and at hydrant simultaneously.  
Large, noisy crowds cheering and blocking sidewalks in front of bars at at intersections, including crossing in groups against the light at Dean and Bergen/Fifth.
Numerous cars honking to get "Let's go, Islanders!" cheers from crowds.  Video too large to post here.
Prior to game spotted many, many cars driving around looking for parking spots with drivers wearing Islander jerseys.
In a separate incident, residents reported being unable to proceed down the sidewalk immediately prior to the Bruce Springsteen concert 4/25/16 due to large crowds surging toward the arena.
IN short, lack of crowd management infringing on the rights of local residents to quiet enjoyment of their home and neighborhood.
Some residents noted police posted in front of McMahon's bar and expressed both gratitude and dismay that it was needed.

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