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Multiple questionable activities associated with 535 Carlton Monday and Tuesday

Vicinity of Dean and Carlton Avenues
October 3, 2016 - 8:00am

There were multiple problems with construction associated with 535 Carlton Avenue on Monday night and Tuesday morning.
1).  As has already been posted on AYW, late Monday afternoon no parking flyers were hung on approximately 10 street trees on Carlton between Dean and Bergen Streets.  The flyers banned parking on both sides of the street starting at 7 AM Tuesday morning.  They did not provide any contact information so it was impossible to know on whose behalf the parking was being removed.
I called 311 and was able to file a complaint (complaint number included) for the flyers being posted on the street trees.  This is a regular problem on the project.  311 would not take a complaint for such a late posting of the signs and/or a lack of contact information.  They suggested I call the local precinct for information.  I did so but no information was available and no response was issued.
The flyers were removed from the trees early in the morning.  A photo is attached of the flyer on the trees. 
2).  Tuesday morning the contractor Di Fazio was working in the vicinity.  A truck and another construction vehicle were unloading on Dean east of the bus stop located between Carlton and Vanderbilt.  This action would have blocked bus or emergency vehicles from passage.  This type of action at this time was not detailed in any construction notices. Photo attached.
3).  A DiFazio construction truck was parked in the bus stop west of the Carlton intersection.  The bus stop was not posted as closed.  I assume this also was illegal.  Parking in bus stops creates an extra hurdle for the elderly and disabled, disrupts traffic and create an unsafe traffic/pedestrian situation.  Photo from neighbor attached.
4).  According to a neighbor, cones were placed along the sides of residents' cars on Carlton early in the morning.  When the residents removed their cars the construction workers moved their own personal passenger cars into the location.  Photo from neighbor attached.  
On Tuesday morning I called the 78th Precinct to report items 2, 3 and 4.  I asked for enforcement.  To my knowledge no enforcement was directed to the site at that time.
Image one (with verbatim text from the neighbor who took the photos):
"So, as people were leaving at 7a.m.(!!), other workers were putting in cones to hold for other workers to park.
This seems like a solution for workers to comfortably drive to work and be able to park during the suspended alternate side parking.

Here is a sign that was taken off a tree and placed on one of the construction posts after someone realized they were not supposed to have them up on trees-  (you can see bark and leaves on the back side of the tape."
Image two: Photo of construction worker vehicles inserted in coned-off area where no parking flyers were originally located
Image three: Photo of DiFazio truck in bus stop
Image four:  Photo of construction trucks unloading on Dean 

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