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Smoke from tar boiler is one of many problems Monday; State employee eyes problem

Carlton Avenue south of Dean Street
November 28, 2016 - 10:00pm

There were multiple problems on Monday morning.  A number were associated with an asphalt/tar job at 535 Carlton.  This job was unrelated to the removal of the construction fence around 535 Carlton and could have been scheduled at another time.
A truck with a tar boiler attached was parked in a bike lane on Carlton south of Dean Street.  The tar boiler was smoking a great deal.  I arrived at 10:09 am.  When it was clear there was no other solution, I approached the contractor at 11:13.  We had a very reasonable conversation and he was responsive.  He apologized and turned the boiler off immediately.  
I don't know when the boiler arrived, but construction work legally starts at 7 am.  Certainly the boiler was smoking for the entire time I witnessed it.  Given the start time of construction, it is possible that the smoke continued right next to residences for more than four hours.  As is often the case, there was no air monitor present where it was needed, and it is not clear to me anyway that the monitors sample for fumes.
Although I was circulating, I was in the area of the project site throughout this period.  I did not see any sign of the developer's on-site environmental monitor or the State's environmental monitor.  I did see the STV rep (the State's described "construction manager") elsewhere on the site.  I witnessed the employee described as the State's "eyes" arriving at the scene of the boiler at 10:24 am.  He was also there when I passed by at 10:39 am.  The boiler was still burning and smoke was still emanating.  He was not present at 11:13 when, as a product of my conversation with him, the contractor turned off the boiler.
Even at those times employees on site on behalf of the State are actually on site, they still are not given the authority to effectively address problems when they witness them.  Why was I able to effectively address the air quality problem when the State's employee was not?
This is the second serious episode related to air quality in this same area in the last few weeks that has been made public with documentation by residents.   Both episodes extended far longer than they should have.  http://atlanticyardsreport.blogspot.com/2016/11/more-toxic-dust-drifts-from-535-carlton.html  And those are not the only episodes impacting air quality in this area in a relatively short period of time.
The following narrative above and the chronology below are documented with photos, a video and notes.  
10:09 am:  I arrive at site of smoking boiler located illegally in bike lane.  (photo attached)
10:24 am:  Boiler continuing, additional truck parks in bike lane, ambulance passes, State employee arrives.  (video: https://youtu.be/P5DU57_mTbw)
10:39 am: Boiler continuing.  State employee still there.
11:13 am:  Boiler continuing.  State employee appears to have left.  Contractor turns off boiler after talking to me.  

Smoke at ten twenty three.JPG1.79 MB