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Pedestrian egress impacted on north and south Dean/Barclays block sidewalks at same time Monday

North and south sidewalks/crosswalk on Dean between Flatbush and 6th
November 28, 2016 - 10:31am

Conflicting construction at 461 Dean and 215 Flatbush, and an encroachment on public sidewalks by Barclays Center, impacted the north and south sidewalks on Dean Street and both ends of the Dean/Flatbush crosswalk on the east side of Flatbush Monday.  
At the crosswalk pedestrians had to walk around the construction on both ends by walking in Flatbush Avenue instead.  There were no flaggers present.  In addition to the construction at the Dean/Flatbush crosswalk, both sidewalks were pinched by the arena's functions on the south side, and the Bergen Tile construction on the other.
STV and the State's employee were at the project site at the time of the attached photos.  
1). Blocked crosswalk at 461 Dean
2). Blocked crosswalk at 215 Flatbush
3). Barclays barricade
4). Barclays vehicles on infringe on public sidewalk

blocked crosswalk on north side.JPG110.87 KB
blocked crosswalk pinched sidewalk southside.JPG630.43 KB
Barclays barricade.JPG98.64 KB
barclays parking on sidewalks.JPG773.47 KB