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Unsafe pedestrian conditions on Dean Street between Flatbush and 6th

Dean Street between Flatbush and 6th Avenues
December 13, 2016 - 8:15am

On my way to the train today, I passed Dean between 6th and Flatbush and found what looked to me to be unsafe pedestrian conditions there.  This is nothing new.  

The northern sidewalk was closed on the Flatbush side and left open on the 6th Avenue side.  It was closed mid-block by stanchions at the Barclays entrance, and by a barrier just past the entrance to 461 Dean.  The walkway demarcated in the street around 461 Dean that is occasionally open, was closed.
There was no sign at 6th/Dean announcing the north sidewalk is closed (or as an alternative blocked at a midpoint), so west-bound pedestrians were forced to cross the street through traffic mid-block once they encountered signs in front of 461 Dean annoucing the entrance was closed except for 461 Dean Street residents and their guests.  A second sign said "leasing gallery now open."
Unfortunately the mid-block portion of the south sidewalk was also closed due to construction, so pedestrians crossing from north to south had to weave through traffic to ultimately find refuge. At the moment I witnessed it anyway, it was a precarious situation.  There were no flaggers from the Greenland Forest City side that I saw.  Mid-block crossing is typical (and easy to anticipate) on this same spot because one or both sidewalks are often closed and the Barclays Center entrance is mid-block.  Barclays employees cross the street mid-block on a very regular basis here.  Today the it was the west bound pedestrians on the north sidewalk who were crossing mid-block.
The pedestrian through-way on the south side was also pinched for pedestrians and I think the contractors did not provide more than a couple of feet of passage around the truck parked in the travel lane.  It was not a situation I would choose to walk through because it also seemed to stick precariously into moving traffic.
I hesitate to diagnose the problem, (there was obviously more than one), but assuming the sidewalk was lawfully closed, I think the key one today was the lack of signage announcing a closed sidewalk at the Dean/6th intersection.  This is a chronic, but easy to identify and resolve problem, and I believe a violation of NYC law.  I’ve witnessed this same situation unfold numerous times in this same spot.  Obviously the underlying problem is the interminable time Forest City Ratner has taken to complete 461 Dean.  

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