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All streetlights out on the south side of Atlantic between Flatbush on Sixth

Atlantic Avenue between the former 5th Avenue and Sixth Avenue
January 18, 2017 - 9:25pm

All the streetlights are out on the south side of Atlantic lining Barclays Center between Sixth Avenue and the former Fifth Avenue.  The area near Sixth Avenue is particularly dark because of the construction fence -- essentially a tunnel, and very unsafe seeming.
Some of the street lights are inside the Atlantic Avenue MPT.  Construction was active in that exact area yesterday when I last walked by.  I think it is likely that the lights are out due to construction.
311 told me that the 300-3407 is a work order number.  I will post a photo to this report tomorrow.
Photo attached.  Note lightposts are inside construction MPT.

Out lights on Atlantic.JPG1.29 MB