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Trucks idle in B12 footprint at night again

Inside B12 footprint along Dean Street
April 18, 2018 - 8:40pm

Two LIRR trucks idled inside B12 footprint again.  A video documenting them idling for more than 3 minutes can be found here:  https://youtu.be/BJFHaE_wzX8
There were two types of trucks.  One was a box truck with a cab.  The other appeared to have a crane or winch.  Photos are attached.  A clearer video than what is posted on youtube is available on request.
The fence lining the B12 site is chain link with plastic mesh.  There is no noise mitigation provided by the fence.  
NYC law bans trucks idling for longer than 3 minutes.  This is reinforced by the Memorandum of Environmental Commitments which says "FCRC" will employ a prohibition of the idling of trucks for more than 3 minutes at the project site in the construction of the project.  (MEC N.d.vii)     In my view ESD and Greenland FC Partners are responsible for the proper and legal use of the B12 location which is an area outside LIRR control.  And these trucks are LIRR trucks located where they are because of the construction of the project.
The MEC also requires noise mitigations lining the project perimeter where there are "sensitive receptors."  Those mitigations include erecting an 8 or 16 foot barrier of 3/4 thick plywood (both of which have been in this location in past) and/or where not practicable using noise curtains or other barriers to noise.  No noise mitigation strategy is being applied with this lot in relation to Dean Street.
As regularly happens, this morning Saturday, April 21st, a dump truck was loaded from the numerous piles of dirt and tar in the B12 site.  The construction alert does not mention that weekend work will take place in block 1129.  Since the LIRR appears to use the B12 site for staging (truck "queing," storing piles of excavated soil and debris, etc), and uses the site regularly when it is active, I don't understand why this isn't being detailed in the construction alerts.  And why isn't the MTA brought to meetings?

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