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Construction Trucks ignoring red lights

6th Ave. / Dean stret
May 15, 2019 - 9:10am

A cement truck making a delivery to site B15 at 6th Ave. & Dean ran a red light and caused me to swerve my bike into traffic to avoid getting hit. The driver stopped and yelled "get the f--- off the road." I reported the driver to the foreman and the site manager from Tisch, who all told me that without proof that the driver ran the light, they weren't concerned with the incident. When I stood my ground, the driver began shouting the F Word at me and making homophobic remarks. The foreman, named Peter, then told me to settle the argument with the driver "man-to-man." The police came and told us to settle down but didn't help. The driver, named Ricky D., works for Ferrara Bros. in Flushing and was a driving a truck with license plate NY 69761-MK. I tried to report to CLO, but no answer or voicemail after multiple attempts.

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