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Sat arena work: FCR workers turns non-designated Public St corner into potential dangerous staging area for iron beam deliveries

NE& SE corners of Pacific St & 6th Ave
July 30, 2011 - 10:56am

Ildling of trucks!

Saturday arena work: FCR construction workers turns non-designated Public Street corner into potential dangerous staging area for iron beam delivery + while trucks idle for hours + no flaggers

Diesel delivery trailer trucks of iron beams for the arena block intersection & LIRR entrance @ 6th Ave & Pacific St & idle for hours on end instead of using the official staging Pacific St between Vanderbilt & Carlton area that was closed to the public for FCR/arena exclusive for such stagging activities and the official designated staging area.

Complaints from residents a block away of the smell of diesel. There were no flaggers.

Video's of blocking LIRR entrance & idling

Truck #1 blue truck 10:10 am ~ 11:06 am idling




Truck #2 red truck 11:10 am ~ 12:23 pm idling


Truck #3 gold truck 12:23 pm ~ 1:45 pm idling



Other video will be posted of the trucks idling for entire 3+ hour time period when a video site that will allow to upload large size video files.

A plethora of potential dangerous activity today linked to using this new stagging area of Pacific St this Saturday including parking of iron beam trailers on the SE corner of Pacific St & 6th Ave of iron beam ‘shuttle’ rigs (one rig runs a red light barely missing 2 pedestrians & makes them scurry to safety) traversing from the arena site to the official staging area the wrong way (east bound) on Pacific St. (photos, video & story to be posted in separate AY Watch incident report)


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