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Incident Report Saturday documents steel deliveries to Barclays Center that ignore ESDC's published truck regulations and appear to violate NYC law

The video above from Saturday shows a Barclays Center construction-related truck disobeying both NYC traffic laws and the ESDC's published truck rules on Pacific Street between 6th Avenue and Carlton.  The truck crosses the 6th Avenue intersection while the north/south traffic on 6th Avenue has a green light, attaches a load waiting in the travel lane and then drives against traffic to block 1129.

This one truck trip is part of a series of steel deliveries on Saturday that were not consistent with either the Barclays Center Truck Rules and Requirements made public by the ESDC, or NYC traffic law. 

Besides the type of violations shown in the video above, two incident reports filed on this website supported by video and photography state the trucks idled on Pacific Street for "hours."  Driving against traffic, using a travel lane as a staging area without permission from DOT, and idling for more than 3 minutes are all against NYC law.

The Barclays Center truck rules require trucks to enter Pacific Street from Vanderbilt Avenue and wait on Pacific Street between Vanderbilt and Carlton until signaled by a flagger to advance.  On Saturday no flagger was present at that intersection and the trucks entered against the traffic into Pacific Street from 6th Avenue.  

There was also no delivery dispatch center in operation as was promised would be installed during the two week period covered in the Construction Alert distributed July 18th.  In one video a person with a yellow construction vest is shown guiding the truck into a position blocking the entrance of LIRR railyard. 

Contractors may have changed the delivery method for arena construction for this weekend due to construction on Pacific Street between Vanderbilt and Carlton.  According to the Supplemental Construction Alert distributed July 26th, a large excavator was to be mobilized there Saturday.  If so, no public notice was given of the changes, and in executing the deliveries multiple NYC laws appear to have been violated.  In addition, the Supplemental Construction Alert states "no work is anticipated in the public thoroughfare."  

Another possibility is that Barclays Center contractors changed their delivery method because Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton was originally to be part of several street closures to facilitate Newswalk construction.  Those street closures were apparently postponed due to inadequate public notice.  

The incidents Saturday fit into a pattern of problems with truck operations at Atlantic Yards, including improper and undisclosed routes, failure to inspect for covering, and long-term idling.  As this website has stated previously, the information the ESDC provides the community does not align with actual truck activity.  The link labeled "Atlantic Yards Truck Rules and Requirements" on the ESDC website leads to the Barclays Center rules which cover only arena construction, and apparently do not include the truck procedures of the other project construction elements.