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Arena block from east

Block 1120/6th Avenue from north

Traffic barriers and signs on Pacific Street are restored

After nearly six months, missing traffic barriers, parking regulation signs and traffic signs have been restored to Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton Avenues.  The "MPT" (Maintenance and Protection of Traffic) measures were the victim of the heavy use of that block by Atlantic Yards related construction trucks.  The parking regulation signs were apparently removed to enable illegal construction worker parking.  

The barriers and signs are "temporary" measures implemented for the period the Carlton Avenue Bridge is closed.  They are designed to delineate for drivers the current mid-block shift of Pacific Street from a westbound one-way to a two-way between 6th Avenue and the entrance to the LIRR ramp into Vanderbilt Railyards.   LIRR vehicles must enter the ramp from the west due to its angle to the street.  With the re-opening of the Carlton Avenue Bridge, Pacific Street between 6th Avenue and Carlton Avenue will be returned to a two-way for the full-length of the block.

These measures have had to last longer than anticipated because the Carlton Avenue Bridge, originally anticipated to be closed for two years, will have been closed for four and a half years if it opens on the current schedule.  They were restored because a community member raised the issue with NYCDOT.  Although NYCDOT approves MPT measures associated with Atlantic Yards, it is FCRC's contractors who install and maintain them.

The photo on the right from July 19 shows most of the MPT measures missing (note the knocked over sign at the bottom of the picture).  The westbound vehicles to the left are using the eastbound lane for westbound travel.  In addition, all the westbound traffic is ignoring the stop line east of the LIRR ramp and proceeding directly to the intersection at 6th Avenue.  

Without the MPT measures eastbound drivers were only given a subtle warning the travel lane created for them ends.  The barrier in the photo was moved to the north sidewalk soon after the photo was taken, (where it remains today).

Adding to the mix, with the barriers removed the eastbound lane was turned into a place for trucks to idle while waiting for entry into the Barclays Center work area or elsewhere on the site.  And construction workers took advantage of the missing parking regulation signs to increase the area they could park.

In the past, the barriers have not been well maintained. They have filled with trash, much of it from construction workers who take breaks nearby.  Forest City Ratner has agreed to clean litter in this area, but has not generally cleaned the trash from the traffic barriers.

The photos below show the barrier in the July photo in its current condition and from the period preceding the rodent-related DOH inspection in late June.














A photo from October 8th showing the traffic barrier laying on the northern side of the Pacific Street sidewalk.  It has been in this location since the summer.  FCRC picks up the trash in this area.


Food waste garbage inside the barrier October 8th.


The same traffic barrier June 19th before DOH's inspection of the project site and its environs.