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Unannounced On Street Parking regulation change at Dean and Vanderbilt

Dean Street at Vanderbilt Avenue
August 10, 2011 - 11:48am

The parking regulations on the north side of Dean Street on the west side of the intersection of Vanderbilt Avenue were changed without warning last week, as told to me by a Dean Street resident who lives across from the new No Parking zone.

The resident told me that the No Parking zone was created without warning and that he'd been ticketed based on the new signage immediately after the signs had been posted.

On August 10, I photographed contractors (not DOT employees), modifying the signs. I've attached photos to this report.

The Dean Street resident went to the AY Community Liason's office with his complaint, and an official from the office came to the intersection with him to take a look. I also forwarded one photo of the new sign to the official.

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New No Parking signs at Dean & Vanderbilt1.05 MB
New No Parking signs at Dean & Vanderbilt1.55 MB
New No Parking signs at Dean & Vanderbilt1.53 MB