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Truck deliveries procedures are revised at the site; a new system is introduced with a colored ticket required for entry at some truck entrances

Following months of reports on Atlantic Yards Watch about trucks driving illegal routes, idling, and traveling with uncovered loads in the neighborhoods around Atlantic Yards, a new system of organizing truck deliveries appears to have been put in place by Forest City Ratner this week.

The new system involves a colored ticket which is picked up by drivers on Pacific Street at Carlton Avenue.  The drivers then proceed to the gate with the sign that matches the color of their ticket.  The ticket is required to enter the gate.  The gate associated with the pink delivery ticket is shown to the left.

In August we reported that some truck entrances had been given a letter and number and that an employee of Securitas had been located at Pacific at Carlton to act as a dispatch.  That system seems to have been further refined with the addition of the colored tickets that are now picked up by the drivers from the dispatcher.

Last week Atlantic Yards Report posted that ESD had plans to issue a notice of violation to FCRC stating that they were not complying with the Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments in relation to truck protocols.  FCRC was reportedly to be given 30 days to comply. If still in non-compliance they would then be required to pay a fine of $1,000 per day.  According to the ESD's spokesperson Elizabeth Mitchell, it would be the first notice of violation in the history of the project.  

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