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FCRC representative says late night jackhammering is mandated by DOT, and noise can't be muffled

FCRC Community Liaison Brigitte LaBonte has provided more information about nighttime work in roadways.

She details upcoming work on Flatbush Avenue at Dean Street that will take several weeks, and states the  traffic mitigation work that is at least partially responsible for complaints about jackhammering will end before the NYC Marathon in early November.  The installation of new water mains on Atlantic Avenue will continue until April 2012.  Additional mitigation work such as the construction of sidewalks will continue until August 2012.  Nighttime use of the staging area associated with infrastructure work in block 1129 will continue through that time.

Some follow up questions have been sent to LaBonte requesting further information about the flexibility of the contractor's timetable for the mitigation work at 4th Avenue and Atlantic, as well as about the possibility of shifting the location of the late night staging area within block 1129 given nighttime disruptions related to it will continue for nearly a year more.

Because LaBonte's information is specific to work occurring in roadways, it does not address extended hours work in the footprint.  Over the weekend a new round of complaints were submitted to AYW from residents of Newswalk Condominium complex about demolition work in the railyard on Saturday.  

From LaBonte:

    Regarding night work, there are currently three main projects that require night work; installation of water and sewer taps on Flatbush Ave near 5th Ave and Dean St between Flatbush and 6th Avenues, installation of a new water trunk main on Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues and Traffic Mitigation Site Work at the intersection of 4th Ave, Atlantic Ave and Flatbush Ave.
    All of this work is required per DOT to be performed at night (10pm – 6am), as these are all heavily traveled main roadways and are not permitted to be closed during high volume daytime hours. Additionally, the details of the above work, including the required night hours, are included in the Atlantic Yards Construction Update which is issued by ESDC every other week and posted on their website.


    1. Water and sewer connections at Flatbush Avenue (near 5th Ave) were completed this summer. Pavement restoration will be competed after the DEP inspection which is scheduled for this week. Similar water connections will begin on Dean Street (between Flatbush and 6th Aves) this week. The work will include trenching, pipe installation and DEP inspections. This will take two to three weeks.

    2. On behalf of DEP, FCRC is managing the installation of new water trunk main and associated distribution mains on Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues. The work is divided into three stages.

    Stage One of this work began in early August 2010 with investigative trenching needed for pipe fabrication. Work resumed this summer and will continue through the winter. It includes installation of a distribution water main along the sidewalk of Flatbush, north of Atlantic and on Flatbush Ave near the Atlantic Ave intersection. As most of this work is done under the street and sidewalks, this work requires partial closure of sidewalks and travel lanes. The entire DEP project is expected to be completed in January 2012. Stage Two work along Atlantic Avenue is complete. Stage Three work will begin after Stage One is complete and should be complete by April 2012. The work is mainly behind barriers but some is within the intersection and must be performed at night.

    3. Traffic Mitigation Site Work includes construction of certain roadway, sidewalk and traffic signal improvements before arena opening to mitigate traffic projected in the area.

    After 4th Avenue northbound lanes were closed on July 31, 2011, mitigation work commenced and included breaking up the road bed of 4th Avenue near Times Plaza (triangle at Flatbush, Atlantic & 4th Aves) to install underground traffic signal conduits from one side of 4th Ave corner to the other. This work requires jack hammering of the road. There will be similar work at the Pacific/4th Avenue intersection and when curbs are installed around the plaza. The work at these locations will be completed by the end of October, before the NYC Marathon in November. Two other intersections included in the Mitigation Site Work that also require nighttime work are the Pacific/4th and Dean/Flatbush intersections. Pacific/4th must be completed before the Marathon. Dean/Flatbush will be completed shortly after. Other mitigation site work will continue (sidewalks, etc.) through next spring and summer and will be completed in August, 2012.

    Additionally, the jack hammers are outfitted with sound attenuation devices. This muffles the noise of the machines, but not the impact of the hammer on the pavement. Unfortunately, there is no way to practically attenuate this noise.

    The contractor that performs the above mentioned work starts their DOT mandated shift at 10pm on Block 1129 (bound by Carlton Ave, Pacific St, Vanderbilt Ave & Dean St.) where they store and move/pick up their equipment and materials. The use of this staging area is absolutely necessary, and will be utilized by the contractor until their work is complete, which is anticipated to be August, 2012.