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Extended work hours have been expanded to new locations and types of work; Construction Alerts do not have enough detail to gauge whether FEIS projections are relevant

Extended construction work hours are a serious concern for those who live near the construction site in part because the work overlaps with the period families are most likely to be home. 

A supplemental construction alert released April 25th announced weekday work hours on the railyard have been extended from 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM to 6:00 AM- 4:30 PM, and that in addition Saturday work will take place from 7 AM to 5:30 PM for a period of three months or more.  Arena construction has also regularly been scheduled on weekends during this period, as has work in block 1129, not only related to the staging areas but also to the preparatory work for demolition of 603 Dean Street.

A reasonable balance between the need to complete the project in a speedy way and the community’s need to live and work while the construction is taking place has to be kept.  To some extent the FEIS projections and the commitments in the Environmental Commitments Memo may provide the Empire State Development Corporation's perspective about that balance:

  • Work generating high noise levels would be scheduled during normal weekday work hours to the extent possible unless required by safety or other Agency requirements.

  • The workers on site would be limited to those needed to complete the particular task at hand.

  • Deliveries would occur during weekday daytime hours to the extent possible.

  • Saturday work would begin on Saturday from 7 AM with worker arrival and site preparation and extend to 5 PM.

  • The proper approvals would be obtained from the appropriate agencies.

  • A noise control plan would be developed and implemented to minimize intrusive noise emanating into nearby areas and affecting sensitive receptors.  Examples include keeping generators that produce noise away from the perimeter of the work site.

  • In general the extended shift would include no more than 20% of the normal weekday force and evening work no more than 10%.

  • Extended weekday work will occur about 40 % of the time and weekend work 50% of the time over the course of construction.

The two week construction look-aheads called Construction Alerts give little information about the after hours work in the arena block, but do say the extended hours will be used for make-up work from weather or other delays. However, without further detail in the Construction Alerts, it is not possible to establish whether the work taking place is actually due to delays or not.  While the description of the work taking place during extended hours in the railyard is more specific, (it is related to the installation of piles which is a noisy operation), it is less clear that the workers on site during the extended hours will be limited to that particular task.

Barclays Center and the construction of the Carlton Avenue Bridge both have dependencies built into their completion dates.  This increases the risk that extended hours will occur with increased frequency through the construction period, especially since so much of the most labor-intensive work lies ahead.