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Illegal construction worker parking south of Atlantic Avenue

Since the time AYW was launched in April 2011, community members have submitted reports of illegal parking of private cars by construction workers on the streets south of the Atlantic Yards footprint (see 11, 12, 56, 83, 88, 90, 99, 100, 121, 133, 281).

In early July 2011, press reports drew attention to the situation. Efforts to enforce parking regulations by the 88th Precinct and the Department of Sanitation were reported as making a difference in mid-July 2011, although some workers continued to believe they should be allowed to park illegally. Reports have continued into September 2011. Further updates related to a sustainable resolution to this problem will be posted here.




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Illegal parking on Pacific Street - Related tickets: 281, 279, 256, 254, 252, 253, 251


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