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Illegally parked cars block sidewalk and stick out into travel lane

6th Avenue between Pacific and Dean
September 26, 2011 - 8:59pm

I called 311 about illegal parking of what appears to be 78th Precinct employees across the street from Barclays Center.  The location was the east sidewalk of 6th Avenue between Dean and Pacific Streets.   I was put forward to 911 because a van was sticking into a travel lane creating a dangerous condition.   It was a no standing area and there was no city issued permit in the window.  Because it was 911 there is no complaint #.  

There were about 10 to 15 cars in total parked on the sidewalk in this location, many without city issued permits.  Additional illegally parked cars were located elsewhere including on the sidewalk on Dean Street.

911 called me back and said the Police could not find the location.  I was told that the 78th was responding.  Of course it is 78th employees who are parking illegally.   I noted to 911 that the location was not in the 78th but rather the 77th.  911 told me that regardless the 78th was the Precinct that was going to respond.  I am not optimistic the 78th Precinct has an incentive to find the problem.

The particular focus was a Freightliner van that was so long it blocked nearly all the sidewalk and still managed to stick out into the travel lane.

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