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The jack hammering between 10pm and 4am is out of control

4th Ave. and Flatbush
September 26, 2011 - 11:39pm

I have filed numerous 311 noise complaints about the jack hammering going on between 10pm and at least 4am every evening for the past 5 weeks. I can't sleep. I had a guest leave my apartment at 3am a few weeks ago to stay in a hotel because of the jack hammering.

This exception to the construction noise rule should not have been approved for jack hammering that goes on for hours on end every single night. It is torture for those of who live in the area.

I have also written to Community Boards 2 and 6. If someone doesn't put a stop to this, I will either have to have my windows soundproofed or move.

The nature of the threat posed by the incident or impact.
Local community
Public health

311 closes ticket, citing duplicate

Priority: -> normal
State: -> Closed/unresolved
Client: -> Public
Assigned: unassigned -> dkim

311 has closed the ticket with the following status:

"The Department of Environmental Protection determined that this complaint is a duplicate of a previously filed complaint. The original complaint is being addressed."

The 311 report does not provide a complaint number for the "original" complaint.



State: Closed/unresolved -> Pending

We do see the severity of the issue regarding late night noise.  Please also refer to the forum board http://www.atlanticyardswatch.net/node/319 as we are trying to create greater awareness regarding this issue and other similar cases.  Hopefully, this sense of urgency can lead to possible mitigation measures. 


Further information from the

State: Pending -> Active
Assigned: dkim -> Peter K.

Further information from the filer received by email:

I'm located just behind PC Richard, at 568 Pacific St., the 6 story building. . . .

As you know, the work is being done right around PC Richard and Modells, but they are very short buildings so they do nothing to muffle the noise from the jack hammers.

I've been using a window air conditioner to cover the noise so I can get some sleep at night, but I'm concerned about the coming weeks when the weather will surely cool down. Also, even though this particular jack hammering project is scheduled to be complete by the end of October, I'm now worried that there will be other similar projects in the future. 

As for double paned windows, I believe my building has them already, though cheap and cracked, and they do very little (if nothing at all) to muffle the noise. For the record, no one ever contacted me personally to offer air conditioners or windows. I see that the blog post mentions double glazed or interior storm windows. Are the interior storm windows still an option? If so, I would definitely like to have those installed as soon as possible.


Answers from Robert Perris

State: Active -> New

Here is a transcript of a voicemail I just received from Robert Perris of Community Board 2:

"This is Rob Paris a broken Committee Board 2 responding to your email about the jackhammering it is utility work. However it is, it is related to the Atlantic yards project. This is occurring at night at the instructions of the Department of Transportation because of how busy the streets in that intersection is. They've asked... ummm, not asked. They have told Forest City Ratner companies and its contractors to do the work at night. We have been assured that that all requirements for mufflers and the like on the jack hammers are in place. Obviously where the metal hits of the pavement and, and things like that... Yeah, there's you know, you can only eliminate the work to make the noise go away or reduce the amount of the noise. The city has require that all this work be completed in time for the road to be repaved for the marathon so it's currently looking like about another month of this work. And then it'll be done and I know that's not the answer you would like to hear. But that is all of what I know. Happy to talk to you further about this."