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ESDC/FCR Arena flaggers fail to control arena dump trucks & uses 6th Ave & Pacific St as an un-official dangerous staging area

6th Ave & Pacific St
November 17, 2011 - 12:16pm

More egregious construction traffic assault on the local community permitted by FCR & the ESDC


00:29 notice the LIRR gate is open & blocks sidewalk & a pedestrian later will have to encroach traffic in the street.

The KENSEAL truck was idling & parked @ 6th Ave & Pacific St for more than 1 30 min. (The DI from the 77th Precinct was observing this as well as the alt side parking activities with the construction workers preventing the street from being sweep) The areas these trucks are occupying are red ‘No Standing’ zones

00:32 the newly installed MPT sand barrier knocked over & sand spilled into street

01:40 CP trucking dump truck parks into the oncoming traffic lane & leaves his truck running

02:10 blocked car honks horn & other CP dump truck illegally parks and also blocks the LIRR entrance (where are the flaggers? The head flagger just crosses the street and does nothing)

02:31 CP truck enters the arena

02:45 notice how dangerous it is for pedestrians walking; the LIRR gate is open & the dump truck causes people to walk in his right rear blind spot.

03:00 traffic has to divert into oncoming traffic lane to turn either left or right

03:10 parked CP truck driver exist his truck & darts into traffic into a car path leaving his idling truck unattended

04:08 CP driver returns


CP trucking for the arena idles under residential building for more than 30 min. blocking also blocking hydrant & street sweeping

CP Trucking #07 white cab

Permit #: R00376

1045 Richford Terr.

Elizabeth, NY 07202

CP truck #37 green cab

NJ Plate # AN294J


@ 01:45 sanitation truck arrives blocking Pacific St

@ 02:24 blocks more traffic

The nature of the threat posed by the incident or impact.
Extended community
Public health
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