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More evidence of ESDC’s long continued failure to enforce arena traffic mitigation measures! How much is needed for penalties?

Pacific St bet Carlton Ave & 6th Ave
November 18, 2011 - 11:58am

7 videos & 7 pictures:

With no enforcement or penalties from the ESDC, Barclay’s arena flaggers and delivery workers and vendors again fail to control a simple 1 block long section from Carlton Ave to 6th Ave on Pacific St; flaggers again let a fully loaded steel beam delivery rig advance out of the official staging area while clearly VISIBLE double parked cars all along the length of Pacific St due to alternate side parking regulations (MTTF 11:30am to 1pm for street sweeping) that any untrained flagger would halt the rig and not release until the condition was cleared, causes havoc and massive traffic tie-up; flaggers also to make it worse by advancing 4 other rail yard and arena tractor trailer trucks to wreak havoc for residents, construction workers have to help reverse tractor trailers back to the staging area; illegally idling for around 1 hour under a 171 unit residential building; yelling, honking, angry drivers start driving on the sidewalk to escape the traffic jam; generally causing chaos. An un-helmeted bike rider was allowed to ride under the steel beam, why didn’t one of the 15~25 different construction workers direct her away or stop her from entering the very dangerous area? Construction workers/flaggers should have blocked off any additional traffic entering the area at Carlton Ave and Dean St intersection by advising them of the problem.

The steel beam delivery rig gets stuck in the middle of the 171 unit residential building @ 700 Pacific St (later in the videos we find that the car that blocks the rig is a construction workers car)


00:11 1st car reverses the wrong way EB on a WB one-way street

01:28 LIRR van & other cars arrive

01:51 Arena workers talk

01:53 frustrated drivers start honking their horns

02:09 2nd car reverses the wrong way EB on a WB one-way street

02:29 frustrated drivers continue honking their horns

02:50 3rd car reverses the wrong way EB on a WB one-way street

03:22 frustrated drivers continue honking their horns

04:39 blocked-in driver enters car

04:48 blocked-in driver drives on sidewalk

04:50 pedestrian must quickly move to the street to avoid car on sidewalk

04:57 pedestrian returns to the sidewalk after car passes

05:16 frustrated drivers continue honking their horns

07:14 frustrated drivers exit cars

07:22 steel beam rig driver complicates the situation more by erroneously advancing closer to the double parked car getting more stuck. Why? The 2nd why is, why did the steel beam rig driver advance when it so obvious the rig with steel beam would not fit between parked cars?

08:57 frustrated drivers continue honking their horns

10:12 frustrated drivers continue honking their horns

10:58 white van reverses the wrong way EB on a WB one-way street

11:06 more cars allowed to enter Pacific St @ Carlton Ave (Why?)

11:28 frustrated passenger confronts construction worker

12:32/34 non-double parked car on N side of Pacific St moves car but rig still blocked by double parked car, workers appear to discuss the possibility of moving the double parked car by picking it up with lots of construction workers


00:19 flaggers allow tractor trailer to advance complicating the problem even more


Bike rider attempts to navigate the chaos with no help from construction workers

00:29 dangerously rides underneath the steel beam!

Barclay's arena worker directs traffic to reverse wrong direction to staging area


Barclay's arena massive number of delivery trucks illegally idling while stuck staging traffic


The Barclay's arena workers car that is double parked blocking steel beam delivery rig is escorted to his car by 4 construction staff ending a 1 hour plus chaotic traffic jam. How much did the fiasco cost everyone? (Him driving off and ending of traffic jam in next video)


After 1 +/- hour Barclay's arena delivery traffic finally breaks lose when the construction worker moves the only car blocking the steel beam delivery rig


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