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Trucks at Atlantic Yards continue to violate site protocols, obstructing a public street

According to incident reports 395 and 399, more violations of the Barclays Center Delivery Truck Rules and Regulations, the Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments and New York City law by Atlantic Yards-related construction trucks took place on Thursday 11/17/11 and Friday 11/18/11.

Trucks are shown idling for more than the 3 minutes allowed by NYC law, parking in travel lanes, and blocking traffic. 

There are currently approximately eleven entrances to the project footprint used by construction-related vehicles. A system set up this summer and fall was designed so that a dispatcher prevents trucks from crossing Carlton Avenue on Pacific Street until the construction entrance designated to receive the trucks signals it is ready.  This protocol apparently broke down, leading to numerous instances of trucks queueing and idling on the public section of Pacific Street between 6th Avenue and Carlton.  This is a violation of the Barclays Center Truck Rules. 

The incident reports describe the dispatcher allowing trucks into the public section of Pacific Street even though it was already obstructed by double-parked cars, one of which turned out to be the illegally parked car of a construction worker.  The construction worker's car contributed to a one-hour blockage of the street.

The impacts described in the incident reports include less safe traffic and pedestrian conditions, blocked traffic, honking, and the air and noise impacts of idling engines.  The reports illustrate a public street in essence turned into an extension of the construction site.

In September 2011, ESDC served FCRC with a "notice of violation" for non-compliance with truck protocols.  Upon serving a notice of a violation, ESDC apparently allows the developer one month to resolve the violations before fines of $1,000 a day are imposed.  The status of the resolution of the September violation is not known at the time of this writing.

In the past, ESDC has indicated LIRR railyard contractors are the source of the problem, but incident reports submitted to AYW have documented violations by both railyard and Barclays Center contractors.  The reports submitted Thursday and Friday were associated with Barclays Center contractors.   

In addition to the truck violations, one of the newly replaced traffic barriers installed last week is already pushed over.  It is FCRC's reponsibility to maintain the Maintenance and Protection of Traffic measures.