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Gucci horse competition coming to Barclays, but where will the horses go?

As yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article The Horses Will Jump in Brooklyn announced, beginning in 2013 the Barclays Center will be the third site for the Gucci Masters, an elite show-jumping event that attracts the world’s top riders.

The announcement is a reminder that while most of the press around the Barclays Center opening is focused around the Nets, professional basketball games will be only 40 of the 220 or so events anticipated for the arena. The range of programming - from the horse show to the three performances a day for Disney on Ice - have traffic and operational impacts that were never outlined in the FEIS.  In this case, where will the horses go?

According to the article:

For the New York Masters, about 70 to 80 horses will be stabled inside the building, with more than 200 horses in tents just outside, and 1,500 tons of special silica sand will be shipped in from Europe.

The Paris Gucci Masters is held at the Salon de Cheval, a dedicated horse show facility that includes warm-up rings and trailer parking in addition to stables and show rings. Instead, the Barclays event will resemble the International Horse Show at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., which closed three city blocks around the arena this October.

Prior to the opening of the event at the Verizon Center in October, show manager David Distler is quoted in the Washington Post as anticipating F Street between Fifth and Seventh, and Sixth Street between F and G would be closed for a week to house temporary stalls for the horses.  

Following the event the writer of Horse Country Chic posted photos (including those used in this story) and wrote, "Most of the horses are stabled outdoors with tight security and lots of shavings to protect those expensive legs laying on the roads and sidewalks of our nation's capital.  A few lucky (read well-connected) ones stay in the basement of Verizon Center."

In addition to outdoor stables, there’s likely to be a need for an outdoor warm up ring, since the backstage areas of the Barclays center may not be large enough. There’s also the small matter of a few hundred horse trailers that will arrive and unload (most likely in the middle of the night to avoid traffic).  

Along with Horse Country Chic, additional street level views of the International Horse show in D.C. can be found at local D.C. blog TBD (beginning at slide 10 with the farrier working on the street). 














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