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Illegal Double Parking by Members of Temple of Restoration Creates Public Safety Hazard

Dean St between 6th ave and Carlton St.
November 25, 2011 - 7:00pm

On Friday November 25th at approximately 7-8pm, there was an emergency reported in front of 515 Dean St at the Temple of Restoration that required ambulance response. A total of 2 ambulances arrived on the scene to treat victims, and were unable to pass through Dean St. due to dozens of members of the Temple of Restoration who come from as far away as New Jersey and illegally double park the entire length of Dean St. a minimum of 5 days a week. In this particular incident, because of the double parking, the ambulances wound up blocking traffic on Dean St and forced traffic to back up to Flatbush, making cars travel up Flatbush and around Grand Army Plaza to reach their destinations East of 6th ave. This incident is troubling for the following reasons:

1) The double parking prevents emergency vehicles such as fire trucks from the fire station on this same block from passing
2) double parking makes it difficult for busses travelling on the M65 route to pass through Dean St.
3) all eastbound traffic on Dean St. is forced to drive in the bike lane, causing a hazard for bikers
4) after multiple efforts and dicussions with Pastors at the Temple of Restoration, they have neglected to stop their members from ilegally parking on Dean St. and blatantly disregarding requests from those who live and work in the neighborhood. One would expect better community relations, especially from a church
5) Blocking parked cars on Dean St prevents those from accessing their cars should an emergency arise.
6) the 78th precinct has neglected to act upon these violations after being contacted multiple times, alerting them to these facts. THese cars are neither ticketed nor towed as required by NY City parking rules.

Please contact your local law authorities, community boards, political representatives and the Temple of Restoration themselves to report illegally parked cars on Dean St, and help restore the safety and well being of those who live in this community.

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