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ESDC says generators not to be used again at the Pacific Street/Carlton Avenue location "in the near future"

According to ESDC Atlantic Yards Project Director Arana Hankin, the generators used for the rebuilding of the Carlton Avenue Bridge will not return to Pacific Street at Carlton Avenue "in the near future."  

Ms. Hankin informed us, "The generator was placed on the street because there was no space in the yard where the generator could have been placed to do the necessary work on the south abutment of the bridge.  If there is a need to use the generator in this area again, the contractors will be required to use noise attenuating blankets."

The generators were placed in that location without any noise attenuation, apparently in violation of the Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments.  The MEC details the use of noise barriers, equipment enclosures and perimeter fencing made of 3/4 inch plywood to mitigate noise impacts.  None of those measures were implemented in this case.  The generators were located approximately 50 feet from residences and only a short distance from the construction offices housing FCRC's contractors.

In order to mitigate both noise and air quality impacts, the MEC further states that when practicable equipment would operate using the power grid, therefore eliminating the need for generators.  Also where practicable, the MEC states that noisy equipment such as generators will not be located near perimeter fencing and in certain circumstances could be located below grade to lessen noise impacts on the community in the vicinity of the project.

The generators were moved after a contractor saw an AYW contributor with a decibel meter and camera, and before a reporter from WPIX filed a story on the disruption to local residents.