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Ongoing Pedestrian Safety issue @ Vanderbilt and Pacific

Vanderbilt Ave @ Pacific St.
September 20, 2011 - 8:15am

While I have a minute I just wanted to share w/ you a new acute hotspot of pedestrian non-safety that I deal with 5 mornings a week: Pacific St & Vanderbilt Ave. Before and after the 8am hour, cars are backed way up Pacific headed for Vanderbilt. and Vanderbilt is stacked up heading North toward Atlantic Ave. As a driver living nearby, I know that when Atlantic Ave westbound is congested, West-bound Pacific and Bergen also get congested as people turn off of Atlantic and try to get further faster on these smaller more residential streets.

I cross this intersection w/ 2 young children in a stroller 5 mornings a week and nearly as frequent as that, I see egregious moving violations. Typically the violation is cars in line on Pacific waiting to turn Left(south) on Vanderbilt, pull out into the oncoming traffic lane and gun their engine to turn left around the line of cars stacked up waiting to turn right. Numerous times I have been cautiously crossing Vanderbilt on the south side of Pacific only to be nearly mowed down by an angry driver aggressively turning left on Vanderbilt.

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