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Pedestrian endangerment at Vanderbilt Ave. and Pacific St.

Vanderbilt Ave. and Pacific St.
January 23, 2012 - 8:15am

As a parent who pushes 2 young children thru this intersection 5 mornings a week, I can tell you Pacific and Vanderbilt has become more dangerous. Around the 8am hour, vans and trucks are illegally turning left against a Red Light from northbound Vanderbilt onto the FCRC part of Pacific Street. If the van or truck driver sees there is no traffic letting out of Pacific from their right, they just turn left, not looking for pedestrians approaching from their left. In one semester of pre-school, I have been endangered in this situation a few times. getting nearly hit by a commercial vehicle while pushing your stroller really wrecks your whole day. These egregious moving violators should be caught and fined!

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