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Live cameras

Arena block from east

Block 1120/6th Avenue from north

2012-01-28 Overnight construction & street closure not disclosed on last ESD Construction Alert Post 1 up to 1:30am

6th Ave & Atlantic - Barclays Arena & Vanderbilt rail yards
January 28, 2012 - 11:00pm

Extended overnight construction, rail yard lights & street closure not disclosed on ESD Construction Alert from 2012-01-28 11pm until 8am 2012-01-29
Nowhere in the last two-week Atlantic Yards Construction Alert, dated 1/16/12, that was distributed by Empire State Development (after preparation by developer Forest City Ratner) indicated that overnight closure of traffic lanes & staging on Atlantic Ave with all night construction with the entire bank of Vanderbilt rail yard lights on was scheduled for Saturday night (2012-01-28)
The ensuing videos show the how dangerous it became for traffic for vehicular & pedestrian traffic & the noise from the use of 'Jake Brakes' & crane.
The start pf this CF was dropping off transformers on Friday:
2012-01-28 transformer delivery trucks staging on Atlantic
Part 1
00:00 Vanderbilt rail yard lights on after 11pm & the starting of congested traffic & horn honking & screeching of brakes & unrelenting use of ‘Jake brakes’ by the Barclays Arena & LIRR rail yards delivery tractor trailers & associated ‘beeping’ of backing up warnings.
00:15 LIRR gate open again & LIRR truck parked on sidewalk
01:43 van unsure on next maneuver
02:48 pedestrian unsure of next maneuver
03:17 NB traffic on 6th is not directed by ‘flagger’ for movement even though the light is green for them
04:05 prolonged horn honking with SB traffic backing up on S Portland St
04:30 backed up 6th Ave traffic starts to get aggressive & impatient that they start making illegal U-turns on the bridge
05:01 drivers escalate horn honking & begin yelling
05:10 drivers start to crowd intersection to force movement
05:43 elderly female starts yelling that she can’t get a bus to stop because of the Barclays Arena/LIRR rail yard staging on Atlantic Ave prevents bus from accessing the official bus stop and the next stop is Washington over a ½ mile away
Note the amount of horn honking & aggressive driving
06:16 pedestrian attempts to cross Atlantic in the middle of the 6th Ave a car comes at him & he moves to the right to avoid a collision; note how far to the middle of Atlantic Ave he advances the flagger doesn’t appear to protect pedestrians
Part 2
00:00 note the continued horn honking & aggressive driving & backed up traffic on S Portland, Atlantic Ave & 6th Ave
00:07 2 pedestrians’ attempts to cross Atlantic Ave the massive amount of confusion
00:17 a bicycle turns onto 6th Ave side walk from S Portland against traffic to avoid a collision because they can’t drive with traffic because of the staging
00:29 having only 1 flagger 3 pedestrians’ dangerously cross into chaotic traffic & the flagger’s back is to them, why wasn’t there NYPD Traffic Control?
00:44 flagger yells halt but either confused or aggressive driver ignores flagger
00:52 traffic still travels SB on 6th Ave Bridge even though the crane is trying to maneuver into place @ SW corner of Atlantic & 6th Ave and needs to blocks the intersection to get into place
01:25 construction worker in mid video with back to camera is startled & takes evasive action to avoid a collision with a bicycle
01:58 Note the amount of horn honking & aggressive driving
02:29 2 pedestrians’ cross Atlantic Ave in the massive amount of confusion
02:57 Note the amount of horn honking & aggressive driving
03:12 driver block intersection because they want to drive on 6th Ave but can’t so they turn on Atlantic
03:38 pedestrian attempts to cross Atlantic in the middle of the 6th Ave & encroaches dangerously close to the cranes activities
03:56 pedestrian finally crosses Atlantic – mid video frame
03:59 fire truck responds to call & turns right (NB) on 6th and encounters traffic congestion @ 12:15 am
05:08 video shows that chaos from traffic lane closure resulting in very aggressive driving
05:59 continued horn honking & aggressive driving
06:05 tour bus turning SB (right) from Atlantic on to 6th Ave come hell or high water, a very tight turn & encroaches into cranes space & runs over cone
06:46 continued horn honking & aggressive driving

2012-01-29 Barclays Arena delivery truck using Jake (air) brake, why @ 1:30 am on a no air brake zone next to a residential NABE?

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