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Dust from trucks in staging area continues for nine hours

Video attached to an incident report shows trucks stirring up what the report calls "drifting dense massive dust" in the staging area on block 1129 today.  The video reportedly documents nine hours of activity through the course of the day in which trucks stir up dust.  No steps to mitigate the dust took place during that period.

Air monitoring is required to take place upwind and downwind from construction work in order to capture the adverse impact of the work on air quality.  The filer reports that the closest air monitors were located on Vanderbilt Avenue at Pacific Street and the Sixth Avenue Bridge between Pacific Street and Atlantic Avenue.  If confirmed, these locations would not seem to be positioned to capture the work causing the dust in this location today.  The dust clouds on the video appear to head westward toward Carlton Avenue and Dean Street.

Numerous complaints about dust in this location have occurred throughout the construction period including recently.  The Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments requires:

  • Watering unpaved surfaces, including haul roads and excavation faces.  All unpaved haul roads and excavation surfaces shall be continuously watered by watering trucks or constant misting, so that surfaces remain damp at all times when in use during construction.  Gravel cover shall be applied to unpaved surfaces which are regularly traveled.

Much of the staging area in block 1129 is unpaved, and only a portion has gravel cover.  As this website has recently reported in relation to the large stockpile of backfill nearby, misting in this area is an exception rather than a rule.  Other sources of dust in the area include speeding vehicles (the 5 mph speed limit is frequently ignored on Pacific Street), and the absence of wheel washing as is required at each project exit, but has never been implemented at Pacific Street and Carlton Avenue.

The incident report with itemized videos can be found here.

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