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Barclays Center, Atlantic Avenue and Block 1129
March 26, 2012 - 4:45pm

The dust continues to get blown up by the wind from the exposed floor of block 1129 with visual clouds reaching quite high up.  In addition on block 1129 the fabric covering the large stockpile of backfill is getting blown loose.  Smaller piles of gravel and soil continue to be uncovered.  As of 6:30 PM today no misting took place on block 1129.
At Gate 6 adjacent to Barclays Center clouds of dust are being blown up from the surface of the construction area into the 6th/Atlantic intersection. An attached photo was taken from within a dust cloud while standing at the 6th Avenue/Atlantic intersection around 4:30 PM today.  The soil is dry in the construction staging area formed from the bed of Atlantic Avenue, suggesting no misting took place there today.   Enough dirt has been blown out of the site, or been tracked out by the wheels of trucks, to create a running pile along the edge of the 6th Avenue Bridge roadway.
Even the sidewalk of Atlantic Center across Atlantic from Barclays Center is coated with sand in some places.  The street merchant outside of Office Max (Atlantic Avenue between 6th Avenue and Fort Greene Place) told me that the problem with dust from construction has been bad today.  He noted it is always bad in that location when it is windy.
The main truck entrance on 6th Avenue was damp when I passed by at 4:30 pm, so clearly misting took place there today.  Likewise the routes of the trucks inside the railyard were damp at 4:30.  Clearly misting took place there.  However, no misting was visible where the excavator was working in the railyard.  
The air monitor out on Vanderbilt Avenue near Pacific Street was removed between 3:30 and 4:30 this afternoon.

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