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Nighttime Noise

Staging area opposite 618 Dean Street
March 29, 2012 - 11:25pm

Very loud banging began at 11 pm in the Atlantic Yards staging area opposite 618 Dean Street. When I went to check, a construction worker was whacking skids on a flatbed truck with a crowbar, creating a loud reverberating noise that echoed throughout the neighborhood and violated our peace and tranquillity at the time our children were attempting to fall asleep. In the past, my son has informed me that noise from the staging area opposite 618 Dean Street in the dead of night (3-4 am) has caused him to wake up on repeated occasions. The noise did give any indication of stopping, so I stepped onto our balcony that looks over the staging area and finally spied the construction worker who was whacking the skid with a crowbar. Only after I yelled out to him did the noise seem to abate, "Hey, you! Out there! I've got kids trying to sleep!" Although I addressed him in this manner, not once did he look up to see where the voice came from. Instead, a woman ran toward him from another spot in the staging area to speak to him. I could not make out what she said, but the noise soon afterward ceased. I can only imagine that she told him to stop making noise. Construction workers who do their job in the Atlantic Yards staging area opposite a residential building should undergo some sort of community sensitive training, and Bruce Ratner and Jay-Z should join them!

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