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Continued gridlock and box blocking in North Park Slope (6th Avenue and Prospect Place) - April 3, 2012 Videos

6th Avenue and Prospect Place, Park Slope
April 3, 2012 - 8:27am

I live at the corner of Prospect Place and 6th Avenue in North Park Slope. In the last couple years my neighbors and I in North Park Slope have noticed a significant increase in traffic on 6th Avenue as well Prospect Pl, especially during the morning and evening rush hours. Many mornings there are gridlock conditions from Sterling Place to Flatbush on 6th Avenue, creating air pollution, noise from horns, and dangerous pedestrian conditions. My oldest child attends PS282 on 6th Avenue and Lincoln and we now frequently have to wind our way through intersections blocked by gridlocked traffic that is "blocking the box."

I have submitted a previous ticket (611) including videos taken from from September 2010 to November 2011 providing evidence of the traffic conditions on our blocks.

Today I am submitting new videos - these videos are from this morning (April 3, 2012) and show the on-going box-blocking created due to gridlock that is occurring in our area and the threat it poses to pedestrians, bikers, and other members of the community.

Notice how the walker in the first video (8:07am) and the biker in the second video (8:27am) have to cross 6th Avenue from west to east in front of cars that are in the middle of the intersections. This is a common situation we're facing due to the on-going heavy traffic that has arrived these last couple years. Watching pedestrians, including school children, weaving through backed up traffic on 6th Avenue during the morning is now a very common thing to see.


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