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High winds blow dust off the site

620 Atlantic, block 1129 and likely elsewhere
April 9, 2012 - 12:30pm

Dust has been visible all morning blowing off the site.  In a walk along Dean Street I saw dust at Barclays Center along Dean Street between 6th Avenue and Flatbush, block 1129 blowing in the direction of the intersection of Carlton and Dean, and Vanderbilt in the direction of the Dean Street intersection.  
The wind is strong and blowing in multiple directions.  Some dust clouds are quite large.  The source of the dust is the unpaved surfaces of the site.  It doesn't just take vehicles moving across the surface to cause the dust, but the volumes of dust are larger when that occurs.
Misting is taking place in some areas like the middle of block 1129.  But it is not occurring in other areas.  I saw dust coming up around the employee misting this morning.
The pile of dirt has become partially uncovered, as it has been all day.  This also occurred last week and was not corrected for a day and a half.  An air monitor was at the Pacific/Vanderbilt intersection early this afternoon.

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