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Is the law finally going to be enforced in relation to illegal construction worker parking on Pacific Street? Answer: Not for the moment

NYPD issued "no parking" signs were posted on Pacific Street from the Newswalk parking garage to 6th Avenue on Pacific Street for Tuesday, May 31st.  This led some to hope construction workers would no longer be allowed to park illegally on Pacific Street and its sidewalks.

Instead, the signs were to make way for TechCorp., a company that apparently repairs sewers.  The Barclays Center construction workers parked on the sidewalks around the work.

The amount of illegal parking by construction workers on Pacific Street has reduced since our last post on the subject.  Still, it persists.  As has been commented on by community members on this website, the parking regularly blocks sidewalks and the travel lane, as well as makes street cleaning impossible.  It also contributes to a sense that parking regulations in the area are enforced selectively.




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