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2012-05-29 resident states, "Ceiling fell down when work started near 500 block of Carlton Ave" no one will help me!!

mid block 500 Carlton Ave.
May 29, 2012 - 9:00am

Resident across from block 1129 where new construction on car park stated, “vibrations are so strong that the ceiling in my home fell down. She called 311 & they would not take the call and resident went to the Atlantic Yards Ombudsman’s office & they said they would have an engineer inspect the damage but no one has showed up & she is scared & wants to know what to do! She also stated that, "the dump trucks on Carlton Ave are adding to vibration problem!"
(Administrator's Note:  The 311 number was filed May 22nd to report cracks.  No inspector showed).

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Update: 9/21-2011

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5:30 pm:  Resident reports FCRC representative came by and took pictures.  A 311 complaint about emerging cracks was filed two weeks ago.  No inspector came.  House is in Prospect Heights Neighborhood Historic District and a vibration monitor is in the basement.