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Large cloud of dust rises above site

Approximately Pacific Street btwn. Vanderbilt and Carlton
June 6, 2012 - 11:00am

I witnessed large clouds of dust (2 in the 15 minutes I watched) rising above Pacific Street between Vanderbilt and Carlton and blowing across block 1129 and the railyard.  It was difficult from my position to identify the specific source of the dust because of my location.  In the immediate area they are loading the dirt into dump trucks, speeding down Pacific Street with the dump trucks, and working in the railyard.  
Although there are five large pieces of equipment grading the soil and moving the piles on block 1129, there is no watering.  They are also loading and unloading crushed stone which in the past has been a source of dust.  Pacific Street is covered with dirt, perhaps from dump trucks and perhaps migrated from the large piles stored on the block that have been entirely uncovered for this week.  Another possible source is work in the railyard next to Pacific Street that I can't see from my location.  
The clouds appeared to drift southeastward in the direction of Carlton Avenue. 

Tallest dust.JPG399.56 KB
Tall Dust.JPG447.06 KB