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Artbridge calls for entries for an exhibition to be hung on construction scaffolding along the arena block

Artbridge, a Chelsea-based not-for-profit dedicated to connecting the public to the arts, has placed a call to artists who live and/or work in Brooklyn to submit work for an exhibition that will be printed on vinyl and posted on construction scaffolding along the project perimeter.  News of the exhibition first appeared in the McGraw Hill construction newsletter ENR/NewYork.  The exhibition, called "Works in Progress," will take place in the fall of 2011.   

The exhibition, reproductions of artwork, will apparently run for 400 linear feet adjacent to the area where the arena is currently under construction.  The perimeter of the 22 acre Atlantic Yards footprint is surrounded by approximately 6,000 linear feet of construction and chain link fencing, much of it closing off areas facing indeterminate construction delays in the project's second phase.  This photo taken Sunday shows construction fencing lining an area of the project's second phase at the intersection of Vanderbilt and Atlantic Avenues.  It is several blocks from the area where the Artbridge exhibition will take place.

A previous effort to improve the Project's construction fencing with artwork/designs is still in place on the arena block facing Atlantic Terminal and Atlantic Center malls, both Forest City Ratner controlled properties.

The guidelines for the exhibition detail a June 26th entry deadline and a $25 entry fee.  Entries will be judged by a curatorial panel.  The Artbridge website states information about the curatorial panel will be coming soon.



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