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Traffic Accident On Atlantic Ave just east of Flatbush this morning (6/13/11)

Atlantic Ave East-bound, just east of Flatbush
June 13, 2011 - 7:15am
NA- NYPD & FDNY were already on scene


This morning I saw a serious-looking accident on Atlantic @ Flatbush at about 7:15. I did not witness the accident, but when I walked by, paramedics were working to extricate one person from a car on a backboard. That car, as well as the other one that appeared to be involved, were headed east on Atlantic, having just crossed Flatbush. There was also a truck parked in the right lane of Atlantic east-bound, just a few yards from the scene- not sure if the truck was involved or not.

Note that they've closed one lane of east-bound traffic on that part of Atlantic, as well as a south-bound lane of Flatbush, to accommodate the Atlantic Yards construction. I have no way of knowing if those lane closures contributed to the accident, but given how incredibly dangerous that intersection is, I can't imagine it wasn't a factor.

Perhaps the NYPD has an accident report of what happened?


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