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Trucks doing everything but what they are supposed to do

Dean, Carlton, Vanderbilt, Pacific
September 6, 2012 - 1:40pm

Trucks are now doing everything at the project site except what they are supposed to do.  There are two reasons for the problem:  
-The loss of capacity on Pacific Street between Vanderbilt and Carlton, first from construction staging and bridge construction, and now the putting in of the drainage pipes for the lot.  
-No coordination.  Each of the truck drivers interviewed has told a consistent story.  No one tells them where to go.  Sometimes the arena tells them to leave because they can't  receive them yet.  That sends them driving all around the neighborhood.  The problems have been getting worse, and they are obvious.  
There is no enforcement.  It would raise lots of funds for the city just to plant an officer daily at Dean Street between 6th and Flatbush and hand out tickets on a daily basis for blocking the bike lane, parking in the bus lane, idling, and double parking (a product of cueing).  The situation is particularly egregious in that location.  
C-1-1-780734752:  Trucks on illegal routes including Dean Street between 6th and Vanderbilt, Bergen from Vanderbilt to Flatbush (note many, but not all CROSS Flatbush, probably to 3rd Avenue, which is illegal).
C-1-1-780742391: Trucks idling on the south side of Pacific at Carlton Avenue, the south side of Pacific at 6th, the stretch of Dean Street from Flatbush to 6th, and the south side of Dean Street east of Carlton (the bus stop).
C-1-1780668233:  Trucks blocking bus lanes, bike lanes, and travel lanes on Dean between Flatbush and 6th as well as the bus lane on Dean east of Carlton.  
Note that each complaint did not, but should also have included the west side of Vanderbilt between Pacific and Dean Street and Atlantic Avenue between Carlton and Vanderbilt.  Trucks also regularly drive down Carlton from Bergen and Dean to pacific.
Photos will accompany upcoming article.

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They must provide an officer

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They must provide an officer in the area to check and maintain the workforce on every worker. Hire an officer with QA certification in him.