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Truck is parked in turning lane

Dean Street at 6th Avenue
October 7, 2012 - 12:15am

A "Concert Logistique" tractor trailer truck was parked for over 1/2 an hour in the left-turn lane at 6th Avenue.  According to the driver, he was told to park there by the arena operators.  In the 1/2 hour it took to file the 311 complaint a second truck pulled up to wait behind the first.  The driver sat in his truck while idling, and waited for instructions that were not forthcoming from the arena.
JayZ's Live Nation apparently uses logistics from Canada.  The truck had a Quebec plate # which was given to 311 and can be given to authorities.  
Police officers were on site next to the truck and initially did not want to assist in seeing the law enforced.  Eventually they went to find the driver.  When they couldn't find the driver they began to prepare a ticket.  Eventually NYPD moved the trucks after the driver for the first arrived. 
The queued trucks in the travel lane were only a part of the problem with the loading dock operation last night.  Two trucks parked in the "pad" face in were loaded above ground while making noise late at night doing it.  According to the workers it was work that was going to take 6 to 8 hours. 
I was told by NYPD that a request had been made to run the loading dock differently than detailed to the community by FCRC or ESDC.  The reason is that JayZ's concert was "running late" and a second event had to be brought in and set up the next day.  As a result trucks were to be staged in a travel lane and loaded above ground in the "pad" across the street from residences rather than below ground where impacts would be less.  This was detailed as a "one time thing" to the NYPD.  It's worth noting that this is also the first time that the loading dock has been used to remove a production.