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Dramatic increase in parked and idling limos on one block alone

St. Mark's Ave., Bergen St., FLatbush, 6th Ave
October 11, 2012 - 11:00pm

Just on one block alone, tonight at 11PM, a casual walk around found limos parked and/or idling at EVERY hydrant and no parking/no standing zone.

37 St. Marks Ave - parked at hydrant
bottom of St. Mark's Ave. at 5th Ave - parked at hydrant
450 Bergen St. - idling, No Standing Zone
457 Bergen St. - idling
472 Bergen St. - parked and idling in No Parking Zone
476 Bergen St. - 7 cars parked in No Parking Zone
230 Flatbush - 2 limos in bus stop (and bus had to stop in traffic lane)
6th Avenue/Flatbush and St. Marks Ave - 3 cars parked in No Parking Zone (one regular limo, one stretch, one luxury sedan)
65 St. Mark's Ave - parked at hydrant (Rolls Royce)
59 St. Mark's Ave - parked in No Parking zone, another in driveway
62 St. Mark's Ave - idling in driveway

Additional limos were parked or idling in legal spots.

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