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Neon screen too bright and on all night

Pacific St
October 13, 2012 - 3:00am
none given

Light pollution from the large, Times Square style neon screen on the Barclays Center is on the street and beams into 4 of our apartment windows. Even with blinds closed it is to bright and flickers constantly. On 10/12 as well as other nights it was on all night. 311 said that to make a formal complaint I would need to speak to the manager of the Barclays Center. On further probing regarding documentation of my complaint I was told that I needed to speak to the Community Board. No contact information was given for either, as I was unexpectedly disconnected.

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Public health

Light at Night Bad for Health, Docs Say

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Lighting up the night is essential to a 24/7 society, but it may have unintended consequences for human health, doctors say.
This week, the American Medical Association adopted a policy recognizing that exposure to excessive light at night, including lights from computer screens and other electronic media, can disrupt sleep, particularly in children and teens.