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Incredible number of limos parked in no parking or no standing zones, and idling (Parking and Air Quality Impacts)

5th Avenue between St. Mark's and Dean, and streets to Flatbush
October 13, 2012 - 10:43pm

One set of patrolmen, when asked, did move to request idling drivers to shut motors and one in a bus stop to move, but another officer, a block away, said that he granted permission to at least one driver to park in a No Standing zone "because they have no where else to go". When I told him about the parking lot, he said "but that would cost money!" He said he was OK with the others parking nearby.....

This is all circular from my home on St. Mark's Avenue between 5th and 6th:

37 St. Mark's Avenue: small family sedan with car seats in back idling and parked at hydrant; driver identified himself as a copy "on detail" and then "on break" . Noted that personal cars of officers still block hydrants like any other car.
7 St. Mark's Avenue: limo idling at hydrant (double fault)
66 5th Avenue: 3 limos in No Parking zone, 1 at hydrant
55 5th Avenue: limo idling at hydrant (double fault)
37-45 5th Avenue: FIVE limos idling in bus stop and at hydrant (triple fault)

429 Bergen: limo idling at bus stop (double fault)
440 Bergen: 3 limos idling in No Standing zone (double faults)

447 Bergen: limo idling at hydrant
457 Bergen: limo idling
470-482 Bergen: 6 limos in No Parking Anytime zone, some idling.

446c Dean: 2 limos in No Standing Zone, one parked with officer's permission, other idling. (double or triple faults)

199 Flatbush: idling at hydrant (double fault)

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Public health

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Priority: -> normal
State: -> Active
Client: -> Public
Assigned: unassigned -> Peter K.

70 5th Ave: Limo idling (10pm - 11pm)
72 5th Ave: Limo parked at hydrant - no ticket(9pm - 11pm)