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Loading dock operations spread out to "pad,""uplink broadcast lot and Dean Street

pad, broadcast lot and Dean Street
October 6, 2012 - 12:33am

As far as I can tell, for nearly every arena event the operations of the loading dock, and of arena operations generally, has been spread out into the at-grade areas called the "pad" next to the loading dock, the satellite broadcast uplink parking lot and often Dean Street between 6th Avenue and 6th Avenue.
Both the pad and the broadcast lot are being turned over to the productions.  A truck used to pull a trailer was parked in the pad all day instead of being taken to the Navy Yard.  Before the production ended Sunday night a truck arrived from Pennsylvania to remove the production.  They waited on Dean Street and were eventually parked on the pad.  I asked the driver and no one had advised him of the existence of the Navy Yard staging area. He came straight from PA.  For every event so far the pad has been used by trucks associated with arena productions.  
Also Sunday night the bus for the talent was parked in the pad.  I thought no buses were to be located in the project footprint?  Monday night the NBA bus was parked in the "no standing" zone across from the arena on Dean STreet.  At some point after 6:30/7:00 it was moved to the pad.  
For every event so far the pad has functioned as parking for cars.  I've been told the cars are VIPs and/or associated with the arena staff and production.
The broadcast lot Sunday night had an idling van at 11 PM.  It took me about 10 minutes to find help to turn it off.  The van was associated with the production and the driver was in the van.  He appeared to be sleeping, but according to security was charging his cellphone.   The rest of the lot was apparently cars associated with the production or with arena staff.  So far the lot has also been used to store each production's merchandise.  When more merchandise is needed, someone from the production enters the lot, rolls up the gate of the rental truck with the merchandise, and retrieves it.  Shouldn't that be happening inside the arena loading dock below grade?
Only last night for the Net's preseason game was the broadcast lot empty.