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SIX Idling limos near 5th Ave at Bergen St. and St. Mark's Avenue

5th Avenue between St. Mark's and Bergen, plus Bergen
November 3, 2012 - 7:30pm

Just on my walk home at 7:30, found 3 limos idling on Bergen St. at 429 Bergen, one of which was in the bus stop at Bergen and 5th, plus another idling at the hydrant at 39 5th, plus one at the hydrant at 53 5th, and another at the hydrant at the corner of St. Mark's and 5th, on St. Marks.

Idling, standing at hydrants, and parking in bus stops are all illegal and problematic.

It is discouraging to call 311 for these items as any police dispatched are unlikely to find them still there.

Why can't a Barclays "pedestrian manager" be posted here or make the rounds to get these limos to move? Or foot patrolmen?

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