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Impacts to existing availability of parking.

2015-07-31 Turner_FCRC B3 using Dean St not a truck route

6th Ave & Dean St
July 31, 2015 - 12:33pm


Unbearable 24-hour/7-day construction noise and disruptions

Atlantic Avenue and 6th Avenue
June 9, 2015 - 2:50am

There are more incident reports- but this is one of the report numbers-- this has become unbearable, we cannot sleep one single night for the past 3 weeks.

Tractors backing up and beeping at every minute of day and night. I cannot work from home doing recordings as I usually do, losing time and money, and sleep over and over--
Forest City Ratner Companies/ Greenland / Pacific Park simply ignores Atlantic Terrace-- an 80-family building facing the intersection of 6th Avenue and Atlantic Avenue.

Illegal parkng during Nets game

5th Ave and Bergen St.
March 29, 2015 - 3:45pm

Subject of 4 different 311 calls, cars were parked in the following spots (mostly limos):
194 Flatbush (at hydrant) (see picture)
446C Dean (in no standing zone)
39 Fifth Avenue (at hydrant)
429 Bergen St. (3 cars in bus stop).
Note:  The cars at the bus stop were ticketed almost immediately after posting this complaint (shout out to the NYPD!).    
Submitted after the fact for the record.  Photos attached.

11 limos parked illegally in short stretch of 5th Ave for Neil Diamond concert

5th Ave. from St. Mark's Avenue to Flatbush
March 26, 2015 - 10:10pm

In a 5 minute walk, hampered by rain, 11 limos found parked and /or idling at the following addresses:
27, 37, 53, and 66 Fifth Avenue.  THese are known problem spots. Most are hydrants. Two limos in bus stop.  Also 2 cars parked in bus stop at 429 Bergen, and 2 in No Standing zone at 446 C Dean.  WOrst offenders were two limos parked in travel lane in front of former Triangle Sports building (27 5th Avenue) between Dean and Flatbush.  Photo attached.  311 complaint made for these two (other ones not done on 311 due to rain).

illegal parking of limos - Bergen St. between 5th and Flatbush

Bergen between 5th and Flatbush
February 14, 2015 - 9:00pm

Called in four separate illegal parking issues to 311.  During All-Star game.
53 5th Avenue  car parked at hydrant
429 Bergen
440 Bergen
474 Bergen
mostly black cars, one stretch limo, some with placards some not.  All in bus stop, No Standing, or No Parking Anytime zones.
Note:  this is a ONE-TIME, casual observation during egress from area and does not represent a survey.

buses, parking for All Star Game

Flatbush between 6th and Dean, North side
February 15, 2015 - 9:15pm

11 buses with All Star Game placards parked and idling nose to tail along Flatbush....  One driver said they had been at Red Hook but were told to wait here instead.  Is this what was planned?  Many official looking handlers in the area.  Some said they did not know why the buses were there, but he didn't know any plans.

Cars that appear to be associated with arena are now parking in Satellite Uplink Lot

Satellite Uplink Lot
January 22, 2015 - 3:40pm

Arena and/or Nets executives regularly used the Pad (and sometimes the sidewalk in front of it) to park their cars.  There are still non-construction passenger vehicles parked in the area that once was the Pad, but it appears the executives have now also been given permission to use the Satellite Uplink Lot.   

Pedestrian crosswalk unsafe for at least 4 months

6th Avenue and Atlantic Avenue
January 22, 2015 - 9:16am

The crosswalk on this intersection has been unsafe and continuously shared between cars, trucks, bikers , construction trucks and pedestrians. The authorities, DOB, or the developers did not even bother painting a new crosswalk in a more safe location, indicating where pedestrians should cross to stay safeand away from cars. Several times a day there are no workers helping and indicating the way.

2014-12-21 Temple of Restoration church double parks even in B65 bus stop in congested traffic area

Dean St bet 6th Ave & Carlton into B65 bus stop
December 21, 2014 - 10:42am

2014-12-21 Temple of Restoration church double parks even in B65 bus stop
Temple of Restoration church double parks even in B65 bus stop creating more traffic impacts & congestion for residents.
Temple of Restoration
515 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

2014-12-16 Impacted residents again get movie shoot starting 5am

December 16, 2014 - 5:00am

Never-ending impacts for AY footprint residents now getting endless by having movie shoots starting 5am 3rd round & was told that series will shoot thru March 2015. Ilding more than 3 min (hours on end) because they say they need to because they're unloading using the rear lift gate thta requires ilding next to residents. Also required they say is yelling to each other @ 5am.