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The presence of rodent or aviary vermin, or feral animals.

Garbage/rodent holes in front of 491,493 and 495 Dean

491,493 and 495 Dean
November 12, 2015 - 3:22pm

Food waste and other garbage is littered in the front gardens of 491, 493 and 495 Dean.  In some cases the food waste rests on top of rodent bait traps.  Rodent holes are clearly visible.  People live immediately next door.
These buildings were well maintained until the State and Greenland Forest City Partners took control of them.  Some of the food waste appears to be associated with the contractors working on the building.  

"filth on Dean"

Dean between 6th and Carlton
November 12, 2015 - 11:57am

This is a sanitation complaint forwarded to me by email (and posted here with permission) from a neighbor.  The complaint is directed toward garbage on Dean Street between 6th and Carlton.  When asked the problem area the resident cited, "the whole damn block."  
According to the resident, street cleaning is either not happening, or ineffective because the vehicles of city employees don't get out of the way of the street cleaners.  

Rodent sighting

535 Carlton
April 17, 2015 - 6:27pm

rodents rummaging around near fence. Fence has no visible baiting.

Rat in tenant's toilet reported late

532 Carlton ground floor bathroom
August 27, 2014 - 7:19pm

Service Request #: C1-1-1032044681
Date Submitted: 11/07/14 11:22:19 AM
Request Type: Rodent
Details: Rat Sighting
It was Friday morning August 27. I heard a glug glug in the toilet and went to investigate. There was a rat in the toilet bowl. Body was maybe 4-5 inches. I immediately flushed the toilet and he turned around and went down the toilet. Then I flushed it another 4 or 5 times. Then went to google rats in toilets. They also suggested to put dish soap down toilet to get the natural oil off the rat hair so it can't swim well. So I did that too.

2014-09-11 residents continue to ask Barclays, "please don't smoke by my door" and discard your butts.

Dean St directly across from loading docks
September 11, 2014 - 5:14pm

2014-09-11 residents continue to ask Barclays please don't smoke by my door, Barclays does NOT permit smoking near or on their property. Even a sign on the door dose not deter staff, contractors or fans from smoking next to residents property.

Atlantic Yard Patrons Trash the block

Pacific St side of Modells
May 6, 2013 - 6:50am

Litter on this block Pacific St. between 4th & 5th
has quadrupled, the patrons throw bottles and cans
in front yards, tree pits and general garbage cans.
My daughters car had vomit, of chunky hotdogs on the
bumper. Now large bags are garbage are tossed around
for fun and left like this on the street.

What happened to encouraging the patrons to use the
subway at the entrance of Barclay center. What
happened to the vigilant police presence we saw the first month?

Barclays Center garbage stored in satellite uplink lot

Satellite Uplink Parking Lot/620 Atlantic Avenue
April 22, 2013 - 4:19pm

A pile of 20 or 30 bags of garbage has been in the satellite uplink parking lot since at least Saturday.  The pile is against the wall of the home next door.  It is visible from the street through the uncovered entrance on 6th Avenue.  
Photos are attached.

2012-12-11 700 Pacific St car park & public urinating

700 Pacific St
December 11, 2012 - 7:35pm

2012-12-11 700 Pacific St car park traffic jam & blocking & driving on sidewalk

Two upcoming Atlantic Yards-related community meetings

Two community meetings related to Barclays Center and Atlantic Yards have been scheduled for the next few weeks:
Empire State Development, along with Community Boards 2, 6, & 8 are co-hosting a public meeting on the evening of Thursday, November 29 to share with the Brooklyn community the plans for the first residential building at the Atlantic Yards site.  Representatives of the developer will make a presentation and answer questions.
WHERE:  Courtroom at Brooklyn Borough Hall, 209 Joralemon Street
WHEN:  Thursday November 28, 2012 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
This meeting is a forum for representatives from the community and civic groups to engage elected officials, Empire State Development, FCRC and arena operators regarding issues affecting the quality of life for residents and businesses in close proximity to Barclays Center.
Each civic group can designate only 1 representative to directly participate.  That civic group should RSVP that individual’s name and contact information to Derek Lynch at Dlynch@esd.ny.gov.  Email suggestions for the agenda by Friday, November 30th.
WHERE:  78th Precinct, 65 Sixth Avenue between Dean & Bergen Streets
WHEN:  Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 6:30 PM

2012-08-17 illegally parked cars block street sweeper on Pacific St – urine bottles & trash proliferate

620 Atlantic Ave - Pacific St bet Carlton & 6th
August 17, 2012 - 11:48am