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Impacts related to the presence of workers, vehicles, barriers, and infrastructure associated with demolition, excavation, and construction work being performed at the site.

Trucks idle in B12 footprint at night again

Inside B12 footprint along Dean Street
April 18, 2018 - 8:40pm

Two LIRR trucks idled inside B12 footprint again.  A video documenting them idling for more than 3 minutes can be found here:  https://youtu.be/BJFHaE_wzX8
There were two types of trucks.  One was a box truck with a cab.  The other appeared to have a crane or winch.  Photos are attached.  A clearer video than what is posted on youtube is available on request.
The fence lining the B12 site is chain link with plastic mesh.  There is no noise mitigation provided by the fence.  

Apparently undisclosed construction LIRR staging and idling in the early morning and without noise attenuation -- B12 lot

B12 site
March 17, 2018 - 1:10am

Last night and early this morning LIRR used the B12 site as construction staging and trucks appeared to be using the site to wait.  The construction alert states the LIRR work taking place this weekend late at night "will be done inside the yard."
The link to the four minute video here (higher quality video available on request) shows a truck idling for the duration, and the entire lot being used for construction staging.  It is filmed at 1 am.  https://youtu.be/vmIUpxx0v9A

All streetlights out on the south side of Atlantic between Flatbush on Sixth

Atlantic Avenue between the former 5th Avenue and Sixth Avenue
January 18, 2017 - 9:25pm

All the streetlights are out on the south side of Atlantic lining Barclays Center between Sixth Avenue and the former Fifth Avenue.  The area near Sixth Avenue is particularly dark because of the construction fence -- essentially a tunnel, and very unsafe seeming.
Some of the street lights are inside the Atlantic Avenue MPT.  Construction was active in that exact area yesterday when I last walked by.  I think it is likely that the lights are out due to construction.

Multiple questionable activities associated with 535 Carlton Monday and Tuesday

Vicinity of Dean and Carlton Avenues
October 3, 2016 - 8:00am

There were multiple problems with construction associated with 535 Carlton Avenue on Monday night and Tuesday morning.
1).  As has already been posted on AYW, late Monday afternoon no parking flyers were hung on approximately 10 street trees on Carlton between Dean and Bergen Streets.  The flyers banned parking on both sides of the street starting at 7 AM Tuesday morning.  They did not provide any contact information so it was impossible to know on whose behalf the parking was being removed.

Flying wood from B3 could have hit pedestrians

Intersection of Dean and 6th Avenue
May 14, 2016 - 7:00pm

A resident of Dean Street and his wife were coming home last night when they witnessed wood flying off the B3 site.  They called 311 immediately and were patched through to 911.  

Blocked street

610 Dean Street
March 14, 2016 - 9:21am

As you can see on this video, there's an imminent danger to cyclists and a traffic impact from this mid-morning maneuver. Sal's Hauling destroyed a street sign.


dangerous biker <--> pedestrian situation

610 Dean Street
March 14, 2016 - 10:53pm

many pedestrians walking in bike lane post-events.

Construction Accident

560 Dean Street
March 14, 2016 - 9:00am

Construction truck destroyed neighborhood sign and drove off.

B2 missing obstruction lights?

B2 crane and building (461 Dean Street)
December 20, 2015 - 2:37pm

Why are the crane and building B2 dark at night, when most nearby buildings under construction are either lit with interior lights or topped with aircraft warning lights (red obstruction lights)??  Seems like it could be hazardous, with helicopters sometimes hovering in the area.
They have not been lit for some time, at least a week or two.  

Unsafe Conditions on site of 535 Carlton

Corner of Dean & Carlton
December 7, 2015 - 1:31pm

this was sent to me from a building neighbor at 560 Dean St.

"we were able to file a complaint for unsafe conditions. D and I witnessed construction workers doing drugs then going back on the job. Constructing a building under the influence makes us super nervous with the potential repercussions being incredibly scary.


other neighbors have reported witnessing construction workers smoking on our stoop and urinating in our basement stairwell. My husband & I have seen them smoking joints in the playground, and drinking beer on the street - at lunch time.